Reviewing Anonymous Web Form Results

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Anonymous results are reviewed in the same way as other results, but the user is indicated as anonymous.

1. Switch to your original session.

2. Choose the Applications, Web Forms menu.

The web form list is displayed.


This form has now been completed three times, once by the contact, once on behalf of the contact and once anonymously.

3. Click the Edit button.

4. Click the Results, Results Individual tab.


The individual results are displayed.


You could now reassign the anonymous form to a contact if you know who completed the form.

Accessing Non-anonymous Forms over the Internet

If you attempt to access a non-anonymous form using the external link, you will be prompted to login using the Login template associated with the Web Form.

Once logged in, you will be able to complete the form, but have no access to any other part of SmartSimple.

The default Login template is shown below.