Post to External Server

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Step 1.

On Web Page View field enter the following fields:

<form method="POST" action="/ex/ex_post.jsp">
<input type=hidden name="post_url" value="">
<input type=hidden name="codedid" value="@codedid@">
<input type=hidden name="update_fieldid" value="nnnnnn">
<input type=hidden name="ss_claimant" value="@claimant@">
<input type=hidden name="ss_language" value="@language@">
<input type=hidden name="ss_address" value="@address@">
<input type=hidden name="ss_constant" value="1234">
<input type=submit value="submit">



  • post_url - The url of server to which the data will be posted (mandatory)
  • update_fieldid - custom field id where the response from the external server will be stored, if present (optional)
  • ss_xxxxxx - Variable(s) that will be passed to external server (optional)
Note: The first 3 characters of the variable name ("ss_") will be removed before sending to external server. For example, "ss_claimant" will be changed to "claimant" when sent.

These are constant and should not be changed:

  • <form method="POST" action="/ex/ex_post.jsp">
  • <input type=hidden name="codedid" value="@codedid@">
Note: @codedid@ will be replaced with an encoded version of the objectid when the page is loaded