Newsletter February 2008 - Issue 27

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Platform Enhancement: Company Transactions

  • Similar to Personal Transactions, Company Transactions are sets of custom fields grouped together into specific definable transaction types, such as annual financial statements or investment history. These transaction types can be linked to one or more category.

Universal Tracking Application: Level 2 Tab List View

  • Each Level 2 Item type can now have its own list view.

Platform Enhancement: System Configuration

  • Under Global Settings, System Configuration you can now review system settings and permissions across all roles and the custom fields. This is a View Only feature. This feature has been designed to assist you in creating system documentation.

Platform Enhancement: Conditional Portal Shortcuts

  • You can now apply logic to any portal shortcut. This provides you with the ability to control the circumstances when an icon is displayed. For example, you can include/exclude an icon based on a user being associated with a specific Universal Tracking Application or the city in the user's profile, their company name, or even a value stored in a custom fields associated with the user.

Platform Enhancement: API Enhancements

  • You can now upload a file into the system through the API. This "uploadFileField" function allows API-based programs to upload into either a single file field or an image field.
  • In order to control which users are permissioned to use an API-based program, we have added a new manager permission named Use API Client. A system administrator must now explicitly permit a role to access the system via the API. If you are using API-based applications you must enable this permission immediately after the update.


Our Toronto classroom is fully operational. Click on the links below to see the course outlines and 2008 training schedule. Please contact if you would like to register.

Training Course Outlines

Training Dates 2008