Newsletter August 2007 Issue 25

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Global Settings

  • Our new ObjectSync feature provides for instant transfer of company, contact and related data between multiple copies. Read more about this feature here.
  • UTA Exchange Feature 2.0 is an enhanced version of the UTA exchange, which has the ability to transfer related data including, contacts, companies and UTA roles. Read more about this new feature here.
  • The Search function has been enhanced for greater ease of use, and will be applied to company search, people search, UTA level 1 and level 2, leads, and transactions.
  • We have created a new Sign Up Page type, which is used to create company records in the system. It is used in conjunction with contact signup pages to create a company and the contacts at that company.
  • You can now use the Associates feature to automatically track where a person used to be employed. With this feature enabled, when you move someone to a new company it will create an associate record for that person at their previous company.
  • Formatting of phone numbers can now be enforced within the system. 10 11 and 12 digit phone numbers are supported.
  • You can now select the fields you want to show when you mouse over the people online list.
  • The look and feel of the Discussion Group feature has been enhanced to reflect current thinking.

Custom Fields

  • You can now set the caption of a custom field independent of the name.
  • There is now improved usability of the custom field feature with a Save and New option.
  • You now have the ability to specify fields that are not to be searched with the Not Searchable feature.
  • You can now enable Mapping and People Lookup on any entity field.

Universal Tracking Application

  • You can now allow an owner of a Level One Item to be an external contact rather than an internal person.

Support Enhancements

  • Clients are now able to view their open support tickets from a link in the Help, Support Tickets section of the left navigation bar.