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Welcome to the SmartSimple wiki

Over the last five years we have worked with our customers and partners to build a Solutions Platform that we ALL believe is reflective of how organisations will interact in the 21st Century. We abandoned traditional development strategies and simply by listening to our customer collectively we have created a wonderful system for intra and inter organisation interaction and collaboration. Exploring the wiki

The SmartSimple Solution Platform is divided into the following areas within the wiki:

  • System Architecture - these topics will provide you with an in-depth technical overview of the System Design and System Extendibility.
  • Organisations and People - Organisations and people are key to the system - everything pivots around the person - every contact can be a user and every user can participate in your unique organisation.
  • Universal Tracking Application - this is the application that our customers use to create their unique applications. Historically this work would have required custom development. From managing research projects to managing insurance claims.
  • On-Demand Applications - these built-in applications; Sales Tracking, Applicant Tracking, Email Broadcast, Web Forms and SmartFolders form a basic set of applications that can be enabled and configured.
  • Inter-organisation Collaboration - these topics describe you to can link your instance of SmartSimple to other instances in order to share information and collaborate using the Universal Tracking Application.

We build SmartSimple to empower organisations in the 21st Century and we build the wiki to make sure everyone can get all the information that they need when they need.

Keith Yau and Mike Reid Founders - SmartSimple Software Inc.