Including XML on an MS Word Merge Document

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This article explains how to use the data stored within a SmartSimple XML field on a Word Merge document.

Word Merges can either draw in a single value from an XML "node" or the XML data can be displayed as a table.


For single values from an XML node use the following syntax in the "Values" section of the Word Merge custom field:

Example: project_budget=@xml.Submission;

To display data in a table (dynamic number of rows) use the same syntax as used on a web page view (Custom Field Type: Special – XML Data) and delimit the cells using pipes ("|"). Note that there is a pipe ("|") at the beginning and end of the row.

Example: table_5=@xml.Submission Budget.Other-Grants.Funders[#|~Funder.nodevalue~|~currency(Amount.nodevalue)~|#]@;
  • This example would render in a table with two columns.
  • To specify the table use: "table_x =" where x is the table number as it appears in the template document.
  • In the example above, the XML data will be merged into the fifth table in the Word document.
  • Each XML section must be displayed in a separate table.

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