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This feature is enabled by role within System Security Permissions on the Global Settings page.

  • When Global Search is enabled, you can check to ensure that it is working on your system as it should appear under the Tools heading on the main menu. 


  • This feature does not search for values in Smart Folders.
  • The Global Search function is useful if you are attaching Notes to any records and particularly if you use notes as a form of annotations against an application. Global Search will allow you to search notes on a contact record, or a UTA on any level, depending on the permissions set; the notes can then be collected and printed for record-keeping. 

Accessing Global Search

1.  Click the 9-square menu icon on the top right of your page. 

052919 MenuIcon.png 

2. Under the heading Configuration, select Global Settings.

3. Go to the tab titled Security.

4. Click on the hyperlink titled System Feature Permissions.

5. Click on the tab titled Feature Permissions.

6. Scroll down until you find the Enable Global Search box - simply select the roles that you would like to have access to Global Search. 

7. Click Save when you are done permissioning the enabling of this function. 

Configuring Global Search

The Global Search settings page is available in the System Configuration section of Global Settings. From this page, system administrators can define the system objects that will be included in Global Searches.


Uses /s_searchall.jsp page.

If fields are set as Searchable, they will be included in Global Searches. Individual Universal Tracking Application™ custom fields can be excluded from the Global Search within the field settings.