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==Overview==<br />* [[System Administrator]]s can schedule reports to be run periodically (daily, weekly, monthly).<br />* Scheduled reports can be configured to store custom field values to SmartSimple records, allowing for the periodic aggregation of data.<br />* The following types of SmartSimple records can be updated:<br />** [[Organization]] records<br />** [[Contact]] records<br />** [[UTA]] records, i.e. {{l1}}, {{l2}} and {{l3}} records<br />* Typical use cases might include:<br />** On a monthly basis, automatically storing the total number of reviews that have been performed by a given user on their contact [[profile]].<br />** On a weekly basis, automatically updating a user's profile to indicate whether or not timesheets have been filled out in SmartSimple.<br />** On a daily basis, automatically updating on a company's [[profile]] a summation of the total number of grants for which contacts of that organization has applied.<br /><!--22927 - new scheduled reports--><br />==Settings for Scheduled Reports==<br />''Scheduled Reports'' are built using SmartSimple's [[Reports|integrated reporting subsystem]]. The settings for ''scheduled reports'' are available on the [[Edit Report Page: Advanced Settings Tab|Advanced tab]] of the Edit Reports page.
#REDIRECT [[Scheduled Reports]][[Category:Reports]]
** '''Frequency''' - The frequency of scheduled reports can be set as follows<br />*** ''Disabled'' - This is the default setting, and indicates that a report will not run on an automated schedule.<br />*** ''Daily'' - The report will run every morning.<br />*** ''Weekly'' - The report will run every Sunday.<br />*** ''Monthly'' - The report will run on the first of every month<br />** '''Identifier Column''' - ''Match Field'' - This setting will draw from the list of columns selected in the [[Report Builder]]. This setting indicates the matching field which allows the system to know which record to update.<br />** '''Custom Field Value Column''' - ''Source Field'' - This setting also draws from the list of columns selected in the [[Report Builder]]. This setting represents the values the system will use to update the ''Custom Field'' specified below.<br />** '''Custom Field''' - ''Destination Field'' - The custom field that will be updated when the report is run.<br />** '''Last Run''' - Indicates when the scheduled report has last automatically run.<br />==Configuring Scheduled Reports==<br />To configure a scheduled report, the settings are configured as follows.
Take, as an example, the following [[Report Builder]] configuration:<br /><br />[[Image:ScheduledReportsReportBuilder.png|link=]]
** In the above configuration, the ''Name'' field is drawn from {{l1}} and the ''Fund Amount'' and ''Remaining Funds'' fields are drawn from {{l2}}.<br />** The [[Creating_Summary_Reports#Using_Group_By|Group By]] row will sum the amounts from the ''Fund Amount'' and ''Remaining Funds'' fields and show the totals for these fields, broken out by distinct values in the ''Name'' field.<br />** The report will produce results as follows:<br />*: [[Image:ScheduledReportsReportResults.png|link=]]<br />* <br />** Say, for example, that you want to configure this report to update, on a daily basis, a field named ''Total Remaining Funds'' on {{l1}} based on the total of the ''Remaining Funds'' fields at {{l2}}.<br />** Take the following steps:<br />**# Edit the report<br />**# Click on the [[Edit Report Page: Advanced Settings Tab|Advanced]] tab.<br />**# Under the "Field Caching" section, set the ''Frequency'' setting to ''Daily''.<br />[[Image:ScheduledReportsSelectFrequencyColumn.png|link=|350px]]<br />**# Select the ''Name'' column from the ''Identifier Column'' setting.<br />[[Image:ScheduledReportsSelectIdentColumn.png|link=|350px]]<br />This is the ''Match Field'', and must be a field that contains unique values.<br />**# Select the ''Remaining Funds'' column from the ''Custom Field Value Column'' setting.<br />[[Image:ScheduledReportsSelectCFVColumn.png|link=|350px]]<br />This is the ''Source Field'', the field from which the values will be drawn to update the ''Destination Field''.<br />**# Select the ''Total Remaining Funds'' custom field from the list of custom fields displayed in the ''Custom Field'' setting.<br />[[Image:ScheduledReportsSelectCustomFieldnew.png|link=]]<br />This is the ''Destination Field'': The field selected in this setting will be updated with the corresponding value from the ''Source Field'' column of the report.<br />**# Hit Save.<br />** The report will now run automatically every day and update the ''Total Remaining Funds'' custom field at {{l1}} with the total of the ''Remaining Funds'' fields at {{l2}}.<br />==See Also==<br />** [[Edit Report Page: Advanced Settings Tab]]<br />** [[Enable Caching]]<br />[[Category:Reports]]

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