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General Description

Discussions are SmartSimple forums, you can access Discussions from the Communications Menu and create Discussions by clicking the New Discussion link.

General Settings

Name is the name of your Discussion

Description is the description of your Discussion

Internet Enabled can be checked to be accessible to a community outside of the SmartSimple system.

There is also the ability to add Custom Fields to the Posts/Replies by clicking the Custom Fields link.

A Workflow can also be triggered from the Discussion by creating a Workflow and selecting it in the Workflow dropdown on the Discussions settings page.

Permission Settings

You can also set read and write permissions to Discussions by Role and Company.


In your Discussion you can create topics by clicking the New Topic link.

Posts and Replies

Inside your topic you can post replies by clicking the Post Reply link. Each reply will have a subject and body text field and users can delete their posts after posting by clicking the Edit post link and clicking the Delete button.

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