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* '''Allow Empty''': N/A
* '''Allow Empty''': N/A
* '''Default Text''': N/A
* '''Default Text''': N/A
* '''Options''': N/A
* '''Options''': Role IDs
* '''Track Changes''': Yes
* '''Track Changes''': Yes
* '''Store To Value''': Yes
* '''Store To Value''': Yes

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Field Display

Field in Edit Mode


Lookup Pop-up window for locating people


Completed Field


General Description

User is able to look up external people and store the names (multiple select). The resulting data is read only and not linked to the underlying entity.

Field Options

  • Allow Empty: N/A
  • Default Text: N/A
  • Options: Role IDs
  • Track Changes: Yes
  • Store To Value: Yes

Special Options for Field


Field Validation

  • Type: N/A
  • JavaScript Validation: N/A
  • Message: N/A
  • HTML Tag: N/A

Field Formatting Options

  • Height: N/A Measure: Default:
  • Width: Yes Measure: Characters Default:
  • Number Format: N/A
  • Style: Yes
  • Tool Tip: Yes


For performance reasons the lookup uses a pop-up window.