Creating a Public Calendar and Adding an Event

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You will need to be in a role with manager permission for Calendars to create a new calendar.

1. Choose the Communications, Calendars menu.

The calendar list is displayed.


2. Click the New Calendar tab.


3. Add the following calendar details:


Be sure to enable the Internet option.

4. Click the Save button.

The new calendar is added to the calendar list.


5. Click the Edit button.

The Internet URL is displayed for the calendar.


6. Copy the Calendar Internet URL to the clipboard.

7. Launch a new browser window.

8. Paste the Calendar Internet URL into the address bar.

The calendar – currently empty is displayed.


You cannot add events in this external view.

Adding an Event

Next you will add an event to this public calendar.

1. Switch to your original browser window.

2. Choose the Communications, Calendars menu.

3. Select the New Product Calendar.

4. Select any day.

The New Event window is displayed.

5. Complete the following Event Details:


  • The event is set to a full day event.
  • The subject will be displayed in the first line of the calendar entry.
  • The location will be displayed on the second line.
  • The description will be displayed when the user clicks on the first or second line of the calendar entry.

6. Click the Save button.


Two new tabs are displayed on the top of the event window – completed forms and add forms.


The Completed Forms tab will display each completed registration form.

The Add Forms tab is used to attach one or more web forms to the calendar.

Without a form attached, people can review the calendar entry but not register to attend.

You can use this type of calendar if you simply want to show people events and you don’t need them to register.

7. Switch to the second browser window.

8. Refresh the browser window.

The event is displayed on the public calendar.


9. Click the event.

The Event details are displayed.


There are no forms attached to this event. Consequently, even though you can see the details, you cannot register.

10. Click the Browser back button.

You are returned to the calendar.

11. Switch to the first browser session.