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Supported Web Browsers

The following web browsers are supported by SmartSimple Cloud. For the best experience we suggest using the latest version of Chrome or Safari.

For Windows, macOS or Linux

Google Chrome two most recent versions
Mozilla Firefox two most recent versions
Apple Safari two most recent versions
Microsoft Edge Chromium two most recent versions
Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge (Non-Chromium) Not Supported †

By the two most recent versions, we are referring to the current version published by the manufacturer excluding beta releases, and the previous version. Other browsers or older versions of supported browsers aren’t guaranteed to support all features.

†Support for Internet Explorer ended November 2020. Compatibility Mode and Internet Explorer mode are NOT supported.

For iOS and Android (Tablet and Phone)

iOS Apple Safari
Android Google Chrome

Browser and Device Performance

Here are some things you can do to ensure optimal performance of your device and browser.

  • Ensure your device is fully charged or connected to power
  • Close other applications
  • Disable or remove unneeded browser plugins
  • Ensure you are on the latest stable version of your browser
  • Switch to a different browser (Google Chrome is considered the fastest for Windows)
  • Restart your device or browser
  • Clear Browser Cache (Ctrl+Shift+Del)